EDITED LipstickJourneyAnna_MelissaDougla

Every woman's life takes a different path; mother, daughter, sister, friend. I am all of these, plus I have cancer. This has been my journey for over 10 years, and the fight is real. I am a fighter.

A lot has changed for me in the past decade, but what has not is my relationship with lipstick. I have always loved it, and because of my theater experience I learned about the transformative power of color at a young age.


Cancer has always colored my moods and lipstick has helped me communicate them.

For years I have dreamed of creating a great product that would connect people not only to my story, but to the power of their own. Part of that dream has been to find a way to give back in a tangible way to cancer fighters and survivors. I discovered that beauty comes from story and that lipstick can be your expression. Each color I've chosen communicates a mood or a feeling - no words necessary.

Life is your canvas. This is The Lipstick Journey.

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