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You may have noticed that the books you really love are bound together by a secret thread. You know very well what is the common quality that makes you love them, though you cannot put it into words..." CS Lewis

Over the years I have run into many people affected by cancer; survivors/fighters and those that support them. As I thought about the quote by CS Lewis, I believe you can find a common thread in people you are attracted to, or close friends; but in regards to 'cancer' people, we are bound by that secret thread that sometimes you cannot put into words. When we meet, even if it's the first time, there is an understanding in the eyes and in the depths of our hearts of what we're going through or have been through, no words. Some obvious thoughts we have in common:

*Fighter.Survivor.Strong.Courageous. All great labels, but sometimes we either don't want the name (figher/survivor) or don't feel like we've done anything to deserve the name (strong/courageous). We simply did what we had to do and rose to the occasion.

*For those of us who have survived, we wonder what our greater purpose is.

*We don't stress too much about small stuff or really very much of anything.

*Sometimes we want to just spend the money. 'Save for a rainy day.' Our rainy day has come and it's hard to think that far into the future anymore

*We are more fearless and take more risks

*We are more emotional because we have been broken

*We like peace

*We get nervous with every little change in our body, even if its allergies or a cold. We are very aware of EVERY change and wonder if it's the cancer or a side effect of the treatment

*We realize that while the world around us has generally stayed the same, we are forever changed


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