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For His Mom

Just in time for the holidays I was able to send out the first shipments of my lipsticks. It has been a whirlwind of emotions watching one of my dreams come to life. The most touching stories came from one of my son's friends. His mom was recently diagnosed with cancer and he wanted to get her something special and meaningful for Christmas. Knowing I had cancer he reached out to my son both for peer support and also to ask about the book I published a few years back about my cancer journey. After he found out about The Lipstick Journey lipstick he wanted to purchase a lipstick for his mom. He ended up ordering my book from Amazon and the color Playful for his adventurous mom. I met up with him to personally deliver the lipstick and teared up looking at this 16 year old's face entering this world of the unknown called cancer. This is my heart. One tube at a time. Cancer stinks.

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