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I Had Cancer

About 5 years ago I connected with a peer to peer cancer support group called I Had Cancer. I came upon their website when I was looking for others who were battling and surviving cancer. A few years back I was able to spend some time with the founder, Mailet, who started the organization after her own battle with breast cancer. She was diagnosed at 33 and although she had the support of family and friends, she still found that they couldn't fully understand what she was going through. By chance, she met a cancer survivor in a waiting room who had survived the exact cancer she had, and from there Mailet decided she wanted to help the next person...thus the birth of Over the years I have been involved in a couple of their campaigns and have connected with some great cancer warriors on their site. This month I am donating my lipstick in Fierce and Promise for their holiday raffle in hopes that the recipients (I'm giving 2 sets, one for winner and one for her BFF) feel both strength and hope for the future.

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