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Meet our model and thriver, Valyncia

Marisa, wearing 'Playful' by The Lipstick Journey
Valyncia, wearing 'Serene' by The Lipstick Journey

"When I was 21 I was on the verge of so many more first experiences of my life. I never could imagine cancer would be one of the experiences. I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2017. At first I felt sorry for myself but now I feel emboldened with strength. I thrived all the way through becoming cured."

– Valyncia Page @valynciapage

Shop 'Serene', as seen on Valyncia, here:

Vintage car rental generously donated by: Motor City Vintage Rentals

Venue generously donated by: Packard Proving Grounds

Wardrobe generously donated by: Ferne Detroit

Hair and makeup generously donated by: Riley Leich

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