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Surviving and Imerman Angels

Last week I spoke with a salon owner who was interested in carrying TLJ lipstick at her salon after purchasing and trying it herself. I told her my story and my mission and she shared how cancer has touched her life personally. She spoke about caring for a fellow hairdresser and friend who fought cancer and survived. I shared with her that being a survivor can be difficult in its own way. I remember the times in between diagnosis when I felt like I just fought for my life, physically recovered, but stayed in a mental fog awhile. While you are fighting, the whole world is still acting as it normally does. After surgery, treatment and recovery, you as a fighter are just dropped back into the world you left. You've gone through one of the worst times in your life, return as a changed person, while the world and everyone around you is for the most part just as you left it. Very surreal.

Another organization I was able to send proceeds to last month, Imerman Angels, helps both fighters and survivors (as well as caregivers). IA was started by Jonny Imerman who was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 26. He fought and survived and afterward wanted to be able to share his experiences with someone who understood but couldn't find anyone, that's when Imerman Angels was born. IA is a one-on-one support system that matches cancer fighters with survivors of the same cancer. In 2010 after battling and beating cancer the third time, I became an angel mentor and have been able to speak to and encourage cancer warriors via phone, text, and e-mail. I think it honestly helped me as much as it helped them. Imerman Angels is an incredible organization and I'm so proud that not only can I say I am an angel mentor for them but am also able to support their mission through proceeds from The Lipstick Journey.

With Jeff Imerman, brother of founder Jonny Imerman

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