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The Journey Begins

There is nothing more powerful than story. Nothing. Each time I hear about someone’s journey; their successes, failures, laughter, tears; I can’t help but connect their words to my own story. There is an immediate bond that is created when we let people into our little world, and when we are invited into theirs. My hope for this journal is that it becomes a place where we can really connect. My own story has all the makings of a Saturday afternoon movie – you know the kind, blanket, a hot cup of tea and a box of tissues. The best part about living my story is that it brought me to a place of courage, the kind I never had before. I started The Lipstick Journey out of a place of weakness and fear that quickly transformed into a place of confidence and strength. Having stage 4 metastatic cancer is not anything I would choose for myself, nor for anyone else, but that’s my story for now. Rather than sit back and wait for the next piece of challenging news, I decided to step into one of my biggest dreams and create a line of lipsticks, colored by mood. There’s more. I want to help, which is why TLJ is giving back, both monetarily and with time, volunteering with organizations that stand with others in the fight against cancer. Two passions colliding-lipstick and making sure no one fights alone. I can’t wait to hear your story.

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