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What's Your Story?

I talk a lot about 'story' and my tagline is 'Life is your canvas,' why? When I first got cancer years ago I found myself buying lipstick...all.the.time. I think I probably bought 2 tubes a week, not all high end, just different colors. I realized after awhile I was seeking out colors based on how I felt or how I wanted to feel. When I felt burnt by radiation in the beginning, I purchased coral because with head and neck radiation I looked like I just went on vacation. When I wanted to feel invisible because of sadness or exhaustion I bought browns and nudes. When I finished treatment I bought a bright red because I felt like I could tackle the world, I felt fierce. You get the gist. The color of my lipstick became the 'closed captioning' of my daily story and it has remained that way ever since. Every morning you start with a blank page and the choices you make fills in your story; the clothes you wear, the people you speak to, the lipstick color you choose, Life Is Your Canvas. When I was in Paris years ago I went to a perfumery because of course, the French have amazing perfumes. I was struggling to find the perfect scent for me when finally the shop owner said, 'Any scent is perfect because wearing perfume is just to make you smell better.' Then she told me 'French women just don't want to stink so they wear perfume.' Huh, logical, ok. Anyhow, the biggest question I've gotten since launching TLJ has been, 'What color will look good on me? It's hard to tell because it's online?' My response is similar to the French woman but with a little twist, 'All will look good. Just depends on what story you want to tell that day.' What's your story?

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