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Worth It?

I listened to a great interview this week on PBS (Public Broadcast Station). Michel Martin spoke to Kate Bowler about her journey with Stage 4 cancer. Like me, she has Stage 4 metastatic cancer that has been stable for awhile, so she spoke about how she is carrying on with work and family. There was one line she said during the interview that caught me...'Is it worth your life?' When faced with a diagnosis that puts mortality in the forefront, you start living with the end in mind. Her question was brilliant. Most of the time when saying yes or no to things we do a run through in our heads that usually asks the question, 'Is it worth my time? Followed by, 'Who's going, what's it for, blah, blah, blah...but living with the end in mind, yes, is it worth your life? Life is made of moments of time and with cancer, there's no time (or life) to waste, many decisions are birthed from that attitude.

This past week I had an official launch party for my lipstick company. I was overwhelmed with the support I received by friends, family, and other female entrepreneurs. It has taken a village and it was a beautiful time celebrating with everyone. This company is a dream come true. It's been lots of hard work and hustle but it has been 100% worth my life. The Lipstick Journey has given me life post diagnosis. No one is guaranteed time and everyone has dreams. What holds you back? What gives you life? Who gives you life? What are you doing with the moments you are blessed to have? Is it worth your life?

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